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Weka Online

Weka Online offers eCommerce Integration, eCommerce Solutions and B2B Portals for MYOB Advanced and MYOB Greentree.

Automate data flow between your eCommerce website and MYOB ERP, reduce administrative costs, and watch your online sales grow.

Are you spending too much time keying in sales orders from your eCommerce website into your ERP?

If you and your team are spending 3 to 7 hours per day copying and pasting web orders into your ERP systems, you need to stop now and invest in automating your sales process.

Weka Online offers integration between MYOB’s ERP solution and the four major eCommerce platforms in Australia (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce & Magento). ERP to eCommerce integration offers the additional benefits of ensuring the stock on your website is kept up to date, and your ERP remains the source of truth.

Talk to your Endeavour business consultant about integration between your ERP system and and eCommerce platform.

ERP eCommerce

Weka Online offers the complete eCommerce experience, developed specifically for a company with an ERP.

The Weka Online ERP eCommerce platform comes with all the standard eCommerce features with additional modules built with ERP in mind.

B2B Portal - Premium Edition

Upgrade your B2B Portal with a custom interface and all the B2B features you need to engage with your customers.

B2B Portal MYOB Advanced

Custom Dashboard

The dashboard is the first page your customer will see once logged into the website. The dashboard will summarise orders, invoices, quotes, and an overview of their credit balance. We can design a dashboard and experience to reflect your up to date branding guidelines.

Order Form

A Trade order form is different from a traditional online shopping cart. Weka Online have designed an order experience with speed in mind. A customer can add multiple items to the order on one screen and complete the order with a two-button checkout. A customer is not required to manually enter their billing and shipping details, as you already have them on file.

Order History

Your customer can now view their complete order history, displaying both online and offline orders. Additional functionality includes searching through order history, using their purchase order number or the sales order number. The customer can view details of each order and can even re-order the products.

Quote Management

Your customers can now manage their quotes online. A customer can now create a quote, approve a quote, and view the quote history.

Invoice History

Are you tired of customers ringing up requesting copies of their invoice or statements? Now your customers can view their invoice and statement online, including their complete history. The opening invoice history page will show all outstanding invoices, with the option of settling the balance using their credit card. The invoice details page will display the invoice items and a link to download the invoice as a PDF.

Role Based Pricing

Role-based pricing is a critical different between Trade orders and Cash customer orders. You can now offer your customers tiered pricing and pricing specific to an individual customer. When your customers log in, they will see their pricing and purchase the product based on their pricing level.

Customer Specific Products

As part of your new B2B portal, you may need to upload products specific to a customer or a group of customers. We have the built-in functionality to showcase products based on set product attributes. We can even develop your website to hide the products from the public.

Team Management

The team management module gives your customers the ability to update, remove, and create logins for key staff members. The module contains b2b specific user roles, presenting your customers with different access levels to the B2B portal.

B2B Success Program

Weka Online have helped distribution and manufacturing businesses throughout Australia increase their online sales, using proven techniques.

The B2B Success program will work with your sales team, turning your existing phone and email orders into online orders, freeing up your sales team to acquire new customers.

Weka Online’s success team will meet with your team every month. In the meeting, we will review the prior month’s performance, share growth ideas, and set goals for the next month ahead.


If you want to know more about this program, please ask your Endeavour consultant to set up an initial success meeting.