Velixo Reports for MYOB Advanced

Eliminate tedious and time-consuming reporting methods with Velixo Reports, the premier MS Excel reporting toolset for MYOB Advanced.


Simple to install, easy to build reports, and quick execution means that your team can focus on their roles with increased efficiency and reporting success.

What is Velixo Reports for MYOB Advanced?

Velixo Reports is the best Excel-based reporting tool to complement the award-winning ERP Solution, MYOB Advanced. It allows you to build financial and project reports in MS Excel, with live data quickly.

Velixo Reports will add a new toolbar in MS Excel with more than 60 functions specially designed to work with MYOB Advanced’s General Ledger and Project data.

Velixo provides extremely tight integration with MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP to the extent that the security from the ERP flows through to Velixo, and you have the ability to use Smart Drilldown to base data in MYOB Advanced. Smart Refresh, Budget, Journal and Project Forecast writeback via the robust API directly to MYOB Advanced.

Velixo Reports Demo

> 4:19​ – Start of demo

> 11:16​ – RapidByte financial reporting package

> 12:53​ – Creating a chart with live Acumatica (aka. MYOB Advanced) data

> 13:42​ – Smart Drilldown

> 15:17​ Automated Report Distribution

> 21:38​ – Budget Writeback

> 23:45​ – GL Writeback

High-level features of Velixo Reports for MYOB Advanced:


Improve reporting efficiencies across your business with Velixo Reports

How does Velixo work?

Velixo | MYOB Advanced

Are you tired of tediously exporting or copying data out of your ERP system, pasting and manually typing values back into MS Excel?  With Velixo, you can make a financial or project report once, and then that report can be refreshed forever, at any time. It will automatically update to the most up to date data available in your ERP.

The data is loaded and refreshed in a few seconds with the Smart Refresh feature. Not only does this save you time and hassle, but you’ll have the confidence knowing that this is accurate and directly imported from your ERP.

Easily manipulate the data you need to, using the simple formulas and functions provided by Velixo

The beauty of working in Excel means you’re using the software you know and love, and you can easily create formulas or simply totals and averages. Need to manipulate values, then simply use Excel formulas that you already know to display the values in any way you need it, with little training required.  With the power of Excel, you can create dashboards, graphs, slicers and filters to enhance your reporting.


More advanced users can use developer tools such as Macros to access the capabilities of both Excel and Velixo Reports. This allows substantial control over and adds even more functionality to your reports. 

Another significant benefit of Velixo is having peace of mind knowing that all of your data is life, so often it doesn’t require manipulation and changes to reports.

Using tools you already know and love

Velixo Reports MYOB Advanced Mobile

Excel is excellent at reporting, analysis, planning and modelling, and its simplicity of use means that most other financial report writers that come with ERP solutions come close to it. Excel is used by 750 million + users globally, and its flexibility and ease of use are unparalleled.

Most ERP users get frustrated and start to create an Excel clone in their ERP system. With Velixo, it’s easy to build 100% dynamic reports using a set of simple, easy to use formulas that can be understood and mastered by the average finance or Excel user. The deployment takes about 5 minutes, and the solution can be learned and mastered in one hour.

With Velixo, the IT department is no longer on speed dial, and you can get the answers you need in minutes!

Harness the Power of MS Excel Functions

Velixo Reports will add over 60 new functions to MS Excel. These functions are designed to work with your MYOB Advanced Data.

Office 365 users have access to even more functions that take advantage of the new Dynamic Arrays capabilities built into Excel 365.

Want to drill down to the underlying information in a report, then use the Velixo Report Drilldown feature. 


Click on any value to see the summary information that corresponds to Velixo results in your report.  Then, click on the drill-down function to open the corresponding generic inquiry or source transaction directly in MYOB Advanced.


Do you need to import data or capture journals from data already in MS Excel, then use the GL Write-back function, which takes the information on your spreadsheet and automatically create a detailed transaction for you, in MYOB Advanced GL. 

Make life easy with sample report packs

Velixo Sample Reports for MYOB Advanced

 Velixo ships with multiple sample reports, which you can easily manipulate to get going quickly. 


This allows you to quickly build reports without the need to start from scratch. Easily manipulate them to look the way you like, whenever you need them, without having the IT department on speed dial.

Download Datasheet | Velixo Reports for MYOB Advanced

Download the latest datasheet or Velixo Reports

Getting Started Videos | Velixo Reports for MYOB Advanced

Watch the Getting started videos for Velixo Reports here

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Velixo already supports thousands of customers worldwide, being the premier solution to eliminating tedious and time-consuming reporting methods in MS Excel.

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