ezyCollect Dashboard MYOB Advanced

ezyCollect is an all-in-one cloud-based Accounts Receivable and debtor platform app for your MYOB Greentree and MYOB Advanced ERP solutions.


Streamline, manage and automate your accounts receivables to proactively chase payments and get paid faster.

Are you spending too much time and resources chasing customers for payment?

Are you spending too much time and resources chasing customers for payment?

Following up on empty promised payments, sound familiar?

Do you need an easy way for customers to pay you 24/7?

Do you know the risk of all of your debtors and new customers?

Introducing ezyCollect, a secure cloud-based app that seamlessly integrates with your ERP software. ezyCollect will streamline and automate manual collection tasks such as:

Uncollectible invoices
3 months and older 26%
6 months and older 70%


Get paid faster and increase cash flow today

How does ezyCollect work?

Debt collection usually is a very tedious and time-consuming process. However, ezyCollect generates a personalised communication plan, and you can easily follow up with your debtors who do not pay and even thank those who do. 


For those steps that require a real person, it can easily be added to your schedule. ezyCollect also has out-of-the-box reports, graphs and easy to use tools all made to streamline and make your collection efforts more efficient.


Request a prospect customers’ credit checks with one click, easily customise and send pre-approved legal letters, and you can even escalate some instances to debt collection agencies or lawyers if need be. Everything works towards minimising debtor days, avoid bad debt and ultimately increasing your business’ cash flow.

Putting your receivables on autopilot and accelerate cash flow

Typical benefits realised by Australian businesses

0 %
weekly labour savings

Did you know

ROI in 45 Days

All you have to loose is debt
0 %
reduction in overdue debtors

Other features:

  1. A real-time cash flow dashboard of all receivables
  2. Establish your rules with the communications workflow
  3. Set up reminder messages in seconds with customisable templates
  4. A CRM for your AR personnel to manage all debtor activities in one place
  5. Reach every overdue debtor predictably and on time, with the reminder functions

What is Simplypaid?

Get customers to pay you instantly

Take credit cards, bank debit payments and set up payment plans, all directly from your electronic tax invoice, statement or via your website. Simplypaid from ezyCollect gives your business the ability to receive payments from anywhere at any time.

Pay via CC

Get your customers to pay your ERP invoices by credit card

Automate Payments

Automate payments, especially those after 5pm

Increase Cash Flow

Add a "Pay Now" button to your invoices and increase your cash flow

Get on top of your receivables

Want to change how you collect?

Reach out to our sales team today and discuss EzyCollect!



Get paid faster and increase cash flow today