MYOB Advanced WorkForce Management

MYOB WFM for MYOB Advanced

Empower your staff

MYOB Advanced WFM, ERP & Payroll, in one integrated solution

Combine your ERP, Payroll, and full workforce management with one very powerful and cloud-based solution, MYOB Advanced WFM. It will not only streamline your financial processes but also save you valuable time and empower your most valuable resources, your staff.

MYOB WFM Client Benefits

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management is a solution that seamlessly integrates into MYOB Advanced – to improve the way you onboard, roster, track and pay your labour force.

What's included in MYOB Workforce Management?

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One platform to manage your ERP, payroll and workforce


MYOB Advanced Workforce Management offers the below and integrates with MYOB Advanced People (Payroll), and MYOB Advanced Business, providing you with an all-in-one solution.

Information flows that powers your business

Employees can go online via a browser or by using the mobile app and view/ update their information. They can also apply for leave, view their payslips and much more.

Compliance built into powerful tools

Compliance made easy. Workforce Management also features ‘Smart Roster Automation’, which instantly fills shifts with staff who are available and have the right skills while also following Award compliance rules.

Pro-Active alerts and management

Notifications can be set up to notify managers that a leave request is ready for review. Employees can also receive notifications once their request has been approved or declined.

Paperless Onboarding

Onboard new employees without managing paper contracts, scans or emails and receive real-time status updates.

Payroll Accuracy

Pay Items and Leave items are matched between Workforce Management and MYOB Advanced People so timesheet information flows from workforce management into payroll automatically with minimal errors.

Keep employees informed

Employees can quickly complete their onboarding steps online and HR and Payroll teams will have immediate access to onboarded employees. Automatically publish rosters to employees and allow employees to see their payslips as soon as they are available.

Easy to use Mobile App

Capture timesheets, download payslips and clock in and out with easy time and attendance. Get employees to bid for shifts, review shifts, and enter their leave all on one easy-to-use mobile app.

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