MYOB Advanced API

MYOB Advanced API

The MYOB Advanced API has been designed to offer organisations and developers the opportunity to integrate external systems, applications and data with MYOB Advanced via Web services. If your integration occurs more often or has higher volume requirements, then this is the best solution.

External applications can retrieve data records from MYOB Advanced, process records, save, create new and update existing records.


The MYOB Advanced API platform offers developers i) screen-based and ii) contract based APIs, which are both based on SOAP interfaces. There is also a iii) new contract-based API that are REST-enabled. (i.e. developers can utilise REST interfaces to integrate with MYOB Advanced).

Once the API is configured, no manual intervention is needed to import transactions, and the integration is seamless and thus transparent to the user.


MYOB Advanced provides standard API calls to read/retrieve and create data. The in-product Help also provides very detailed documentation to assist with integration using API calls.

Endeavour can assist further with specific MYOB Advanced API call details if required.



API needs some extra coding using standard MYOB Advanced API calls. Once configured the API will give the user a much smoother integration with external products and therefore an ideal solution in the long term for organisations with large and frequent data integration needs.

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MYOB Advanced API
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MYOB Advanced API - Overview

Connect and Integrate your apps

MYOB Advanced Import Scenarios

For many years now file imports have been part and parcel of most ERP systems. Whilst this method is an older method, it still provides great integration results for a fraction of the cost. It is also a good option to understand the data requirements before moving into a more seamless API interface.

MYOB Advanced makes file imports simple and completely client driven.  You control the format of the import file.  MYOB allows you to map the import data file to the data records within Advanced – it’s that simple!

Import Scenarios are created to define the mapping between the external data and MYOB Advanced data, which can then be run manually or automatically as a scheduled task. This means that mapping only occurs once, and then the whole process can be automated.


Import Scenarios are commonly used in data migration during the implementation of a new system. Master data, like debtors, creditors, employees, stock items, etc. and opening balances, like open AR invoices, AP bills, sales orders, purchase orders, etc. can all be imported using different Import Scenarios.

Once the MYOB Advanced system is “live”, Import Scenarios can also be used to mass update some master data and settings, perhaps to prepare or change data due to a change in business practices. At Endeavour, we have helped clients complete the following tasks using Import Scenarios:

·       Mass delete duplicated customers

·       Mass update email options and payment method for customers

·       Mass update/import inventory replenishment parameters for multiple warehouses and different locations

·       Mass update/import sales prices


Import Scenarios are not only good at mass updating data but also capable of helping automate repetitive processes.



Import Scenario is a standard system function that does not require extra programming, once Endeavour have provided some examples and training most clients are able to maintain and modify import scenario’s themselves. Scenario’s can be run manually or automatically with a schedule. When run manually, the user will be able to troubleshoot and correct data directly on the import screen rather than going back to the original data file. It is an easy-to-learn/implement, affordable and yet powerful integration tool for organisation’s with small to medium volumes of data for integration.

3rd Party MYOB Advanced Add-ons

MYOB invests a lot of time into building partnerships with 3rd party software company’s who have commercial offerings with best of breed software products.  MYOB works closely with these companies to build interfaces with their products and make these apps available to the MYOB customer base via the MYOB App Marketplace.


The App Marketplace extends the functionality of your MYOB Advanced system, saving time and automating processes to reducing errors and making integration easier.  There are many many apps ranging from debt collections, eCommerce integrations to completing on the road customer sales calls/orders.

MYOB Advanced Add-ons

See our top MYOB Advanced Add-ons here

We give you a breakdown of out top MYOB Advanced Add-ons from AR to AP and everything inbetween.

We recommend checking all the 3rd party add-ons for MYOB Advanced. 


MYOB’s App Marketplace is also a wise option should you not need a bespoke add-on and potentially do not have access or availability of development resources. 

At Endeavour Solutions we are able to guide you with which apps might suit your needs as well as offering bespoke development resources should your specific needs not be available within the MYOB EcoSystem.