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Best ERP Software for Wholesale and Distribution

Find out how ERP Software Helps Wholesale and Distribution Businesses Like Yours

How can Endeavour Solutions help?

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If you need to manage logistics such as shipping, freight and import charges

Inability to track costs from storage and refrigeration to labour and administration costs

Notice issues with product in the warehouse such as:

– Using the least amount of space in a warehouse

– Reducing spoilage, loss or waste of product through inefficient warehouse management


Delivered Outcomes for Clients

Endeavour Solutions deliver our clients cost effective ERP software designed to:

Control and manage financials

Quickly process and manage orders

Manage quality control processes

Provide a high level of customer service

Efficiently manage the warehouse

Effectively manage stakeholders 

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Watch the video for an example of Inventory Management demonstrated in MYOB Advanced. 

How can ERP for Wholesale and Distribution deliver results for your business?

Warehouse Management System

Fully control stock, even across multiple warehouse locations

Cost Control 

From shipping, freight and landed cost of imports to refrigeration or labour – control costs and improve margins

Effective Stakeholder Management

Manage critical relationships with manufacturers and customers


Integration of your systems with customers and suppliers via a B2B EDI solution to increase visibility and reduce errors

Contract Management

Contract management including assistance with quantity breaks, claims and special order requirements to reduce mistakes and increase satisfaction

Option for direct to retail

Enabling your business to extend into ecommerce and grow beyond wholesale and distribution in areas such as retail

Functional Features of ERP for Wholesale Distribution

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Financial Management

Financial Management

Accurately and reliably manage your accounts

Improve Profitability

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Compliance

OH&S Functionality

Meeting industry standards and regulations is vital

Reduce Risk

Purchasing & Imports

Manage purchases and effectively handle imports

Reduce costs

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Retention management

Workforce Management

Effectively manage your employees and casuals including rosters and timesheets

Improve motivation and retention

Supply chain, Warehouse & Inventory

Effectively manage and maximise profits

Improve efficiency

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Change Management

Additional Functionality

Real time reporting, eTimesheets, paperless office, expenses, payroll, fixed assets, sales and marketing, service management, purchase orders and requisitions

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Improve visibility into your business performance

Improve Profitability

TPAR MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Taxable Payments Annual Reporting

Purchasing & Inventory

Manage purchases and storage of materials

Improve efficiency


Effectively manage all stakeholders including customers and suppliers

Improve stakeholder satisfaction

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Revenue Cost Budgeting

Cost & Pricing Management

Effectively calculate cost and customer pricing books

Improve Margins

Sales & Contract Management

Manage sales from anywhere on any device

Increase revenues

MYOB Advanced Add-Ons

Integrations and APIs extend your solution - even further

Endeavour Solutions can help you to get the best use of all your resources using add-ons for your Wholesale Distribution ERP Systems.


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Thinking about the future?

eCommerce Integration

Weka Online offers eCommerce Integration, eCommerce Solutions and B2B Portals for MYOB Advanced and MYOB Greentree.

Automate data flow between your eCommerce website and MYOB ERP, reduce administrative costs, and watch your online sales grow.