ERP Software for Construction and Engineering

Find out how ERP Software Helps Construction Businesses Like Yours

Do you experience these pain points? 

Watch the video below as we address the common questions our construction business prospects ask us when looking for a new solution.

Summary of areas Endeavour Solutions can help:

  • – Struggling to maintain claims and retentions
  • – Project management is done on spreadsheet
  • – Lack of integration between job costing / operational systems and accounting package
  • – Subcontractor management is not integrated with finance
  • – TPAR reporting is manual

Outcomes our clients have experienced

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition Header Image

Endeavour Solutions deliver our clients cost effective ERP software to meet key industry requirements and manage the external environment

Does your business need:

To control and manage all aspects of a business from a central source

Flexibility in systems to adapt to change

Ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance

Provide a high level of customer service

To quickly respond to bids

A way to efficiently manage documents

See the software in action

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How can ERP for Construction deliver results for your business?

Full Visibility into project costs

Compare actual project performance to quote/estimate including history of estimation variations.

Aid sound decisions

Keep informed on job progress and make sound decisions based on current information with real-time reporting.

Snapshot view of a project

View a dashboard of job status and profitability, easily track job scheduling & expected completion timeframes. 

Increase efficiency

All your project information is stored in one source. Record multiple activity types against projects e.g. equipment needed or tasks to be completed. 

Increase profitability of project success

Project estimates are set for each important stage of a project to ensure performance expectations are met continuously

Speed and accuracy responding to bids

Use project parent job and sub job tracking and break down projects into important stages and use that experience to build more accurate responses to future projects.

Deal with problems sooner to avoid stoppages

Project alerts sent to an individual of an event or anomaly when it happens. This will help to maintain profitability

Easily control projects

Set approvals rules before a task can be authorised for the job e.g. number of labor hours allocated.

Seamless integration and reduction in time wastage

Reduce data entry via interfaces with Microsoft Excel, Work and Projects to make use of existing staff skill sets and company formatted documents e.g. quotes or external software packages 

Functional Features of ERP for Construction

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Financial Management

Financial Management

Accurately and reliably manage your accounts

Improve Profitability

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Compliance

OH&S Functionality

Meeting industry standards and regulations is vital

Reduce Risk

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Retention management

Bid Management

Break down previous projects to plan for future bids more accurately

Increase revenues

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Subcontractor management

Asset Management

Coordinate and Manage resources effectively

Improve efficiency

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Change Management

Additional Functionality

Real time reporting, eTimesheets, paperless office, expenses, payroll, fixed assets, sales and marketing, service management, purchase orders and requisitions

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Improve visibility into your business performance

Improve Profitability

TPAR MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Taxable Payments Annual Reporting

Purchasing and Inventory

Manage purchases and storage of materials

Improve efficiency

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Project Management

Project Management

Tightly manage projects to deliver on time and on budget

Improve efficiency

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition - Revenue Cost Budgeting

Cost and Pricing Management

Effectively calculate cost and customer pricing books

Improve Margins

MYOB Advanced Add-Ons

Integrations and APIs extend your solution - even further

Endeavour Solutions can help you to get the best use of all your resources using add-ons for your construction ERP Systems. 


To view the full list of partners that integrate with our industry leading solutions please visit the Our Partners Page.